Pineapple Biscuit Crust Machine

  • Length of crust is adjustable.
  • Maximum width of crust is 38 mm.
  • Requires compressed air to operate.
  • Width and thickness of crust is determined by size of nozzle.
  • Comes with a variable speed conveyor to ensure different types of crust does not break.
  • Automatically cuts the crust into set length by a pneumatic cutter.
  • Standard nozzle size is 25W x 6T mm, Other sizes can be arranged on request.
  • Produce single and two colour pineapple biscuit crust.
  • Pineapple filling is manually placed onto each piece of crust and the crust is manually rolled into pineapple biscuits.


Model Capacity (pcs/hr) Weight Range (gm) Power Dimension (mm) L x W x H
MBE-161 1000~2000 10~20 1Ph,230V 1300 x 800 x 1710