Multipurpose Automatic Encrusting & Moulding Machine

  • Suitable for Pau, Man-Tou, Silver-Thread Roll, Green Onion Pie, stuffed and non-stuffed bread.
  • Products can be long, short, round or oval shaped.
  • Automatically sheet dough, encrust dough with fillings and cut to desired length and shape.
  • Dough glutten is maintained throughout production process.
  • Capacity of 1,000 to 6,000 pcs per hour.
  • Independent interchangeable filling hopper to increase efficiency when different filling is required.
  • C/w 1 unit Filling Device and 1 unit Twist Dividing Machine.
  • Choice of Twist Dividing Machine, cutter blades, and size and shape of filling nozzles according to type of product.


Model Weight Range (gm) Conveyor Width (mm) Power Weight (Kg) Dimension (mm) L x W x H
MBE-1510S 20~80 130 3Ph,415V,5.26Kw 593 3160 x 615 x 1690
MBE-1510M 20~100 200 3Ph,415V,5.26Kw 643 3160 x 675 x 1690
MBE-1510L 30~150 280 3Ph,415V,5.72Kw 693 3160 x 725 x 1690