Multifunctional Cake Cutting Machine

  • Suitable for: equal round parts, square and triangle. Swill roll, birthday cake.
  • C/w LCD touch-screen.
  • Easy for operation.
  • The knife is imported steel blade, which is strong and durable.
  • Two-axis servo controls can perform positioning precisely.
  • The whole machine housing is made of sus304 galvanized iron and easy to clean.
  • 99 Sets of product memory.
  • Cutter device is easy to install and disassemble.
  • Cutting table can be set for auto return, and available for single person operation.
  • Requires air compressor, but not included.


Model Cutting Height (mm) Working Width (mm) Power Dimension (mm) L x W x H
MBE-TD860RI 120 600 3Ph,415V,4Kw 1570 x 1400 x 1490