Multifunction Encrusting Machine

  • Special encrusting machine for producing products with single or double filling.
  • Suitable for the production of Moon Cakes, Mochi, Ang-Ku Kuih, Bao Tzu, Pineapple Cookies, Sesame Balls, Tang-Yuan, Crystal Dumplings, etc.
  • Can produce products with paste, powder as well as granule filling. Separate hopper for filling and encrusting material.
  • Easy to control encrusting materials.
  • Product memory unit to remember last used settings.
  • Capacity of 10~60 pcs per minute.
  • Weight range of product is 15~250gm.
  • Require stamping machine to produce same of the products, stamping machine not included.
  • Optional: Rotary dish device for powder and granule fillings.