Multi Function Cake Depositor

  • Stainless made machine body complies with hygiene requirements.
  • easy to clean and operate.
  • convenient to maintain.
  • The extruding roller are treated with special coat to prevent adhesion of batter.
  • There are 2 type of filling ways, one is by a row of individual point filling, and the other is continuous filling on conveyor belt surface.
  • Memory up to 50 operating modes for each 3 types of products : long loaf, round and swiss roll.
  • C/w 6 units Nozzles for butter cakes or muffin, and 1 unit Nozzle for Swill Roll.
  • Requires air compressor, but not included.


Model Capacity (pcs/hr) Weight (Kg) Power Dimension (mm) L x W x H
MBE-TD390 3000~6000 250 3Ph,415V,800W 1400 x 1180 x 1400