Gas Heated Oil Insulated Cooker Mixer

  • Used for food requiring high temperature heating and mixing.
  • Designed to create products with handmade flavor.
  • Suitable for production of bean paste, Ma Hsu, Lotus Seed Paste, Curry, Chilli Sauce, Dodol, etc.
  • Oil insulated bowl for even heating.
  • Two speed tool rotation.
  • Beaters made of wood or Teflon.
  • All other parts in contact with food made of s/s.
  • Mechanical bowl tilting together with easily removable tool for fast product removal.
  • Safe and reliable.
  • Also available steam heated model which manual bowl tilting, MBE-280.


Model Bowl Capacity (L) Speed Power Dimension (mm) L x W x H
MBE-280CP 150,200,250 2 3Ph,415V,1.5Kw 1380 x 1580 x 2050