Climator Unit

  • Suitable for stabilizing temperature and humidity in Prover Room.
  • Accurate control of air humidity and heat according to preset values.
  • Produces steam electronically without heating elements.
  • Temperature range from +20°C~ +45°C.
  • Relative humidity from 60% ~ 95%.
  • No need to refill water as it is connected to main water supply.
  • Control unit can be placed outside prover room.
  • Can be used with prover room of any size using 1 master unit with specified number of slave units.
  • Dimension for each climator unit is 43L x 23W x 173H cm.


Model Number of Units Capacity (Floor Area) Power
PG-100 1 master unit 10m3 3Ph,415V,6.5Kw
PG-101 1 master unit, 1 slave unit 20m3 3Ph,415V,13Kw
PG-102 1 master unit, 2 slave units 30m3 3Ph,415V,19.5Kw
PG-103 1 master unit, 3 slave units 40m3 3Ph,415V,26Kw