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    - Microcomputer control system for automatic temperature control

    - Microcomputer control digital timer for control of baking time

    - High temperature overload protection for safety while in operation

    - High insulation for minimum heat loss

    - Interior light with wide glass for easy viewing of products

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    - Produce single or two colour pineapple biscuit crust

    - Width and thickness of crust is determined by size of nozzle

    - Maximum width of crust is 38mm

    - Comes with a variable speed conveyor to ensure different types of crust does not break

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    - High speed bread slicer for small budget and medium size production lines

    - Manually operated blade hone

    - Standard slice thickness of 12mm

    - Other thickness can be arranged

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Welcome To Murni Bakery Equipments Sdn Bhd.

Murni Bakery Equipments Sdn Bhd is a leading supplier of quality bakery and pastry equipment in Malaysia with more than 20 years of experience. As a leader in the bakery industry in Malaysia, we specialize in planning, designing, supplying and installing commercial bakery equipment according to our client's specific needs. We provide good technical back-up as well as maintain a healthy stock of spare parts.

Commercial Baking Ovens

Commercial Baking Ovens

Murni Bakery is a Malaysia supplier of the finest commercial baking ovens. Murni Bakery provides bakery ovens, artisan bread ovens or customized bakery ovens. Our commercial ovens are of the highest industry standard for restaurants and bakeries.

We aim to be the best bakery equipment supply company, providing service and care to the artisan bakers and pastry chefs with our high quality commercial ovens and bakery ovens.

Industrial Bakery Mixer

Industrial Bakery Mixer

Industrial Bakery Mixer Murni Bakery is one of the best supplier of industrial grade bakery mixer and dough mixer in Malaysia, supplying top-quality bakery mixer and dough mixer at competitive prices. Whether you own a school, café, retail bakery, supermarket, commercial or industrial bakery, our high-end industrial bakery mixer will satisfy your needs. The production of breads, pastries, pastries or pizzas requires a good industrial bakery mixer to ensure precise dough development and complete control of the mixing parameters throughout the baking process. It is ideal for Artisan bakers who require this control and flexibility.

Bakery Pastry Equipment

Bakery Pastry Equipment

Murni Bakery is a Malaysia professional bakery and pastry equipments supplier. At Murni Bakery you will find full range of high-quality bakery and pastry machines for the manufacture of pastry, bread and rolls, pizzas, croissants, donuts and thin dough products. Our decades of experience in the bakery industry not only enables Murni Bakery to supply reliable and quality bakery equipments, but also for the technical solutions for parts and field technician service.